One of the most famous movie themes with club versions by one of the most successful German DJs. Since more a decade THAT has been the begin of the story of success by Scotty. Since 2008 Scotty could reach the charts around the world again and again with various mixes and apart from his successes with “sing hallelujah” (Scotty pres Yamboo feat Dr Alban) or “More and more” (Scotty vs Captain Hollywood) he could sell millions of streams and downloads with his club mixes of the fantastic title melody of the movie with Johnny Depp and his ship. No matter which sound is hot right now, Scotty got the mixes and so the V.I.P. and island mixes are just on time to let the “Black Pearl” hit again clubs and charts around the world.

VÖ 02.08.2019 @ Splashtunes

1The Black Pearl (2020 Mix)
The original 2020 mix.
2The Black Pearl (2020 Island Mix)
The Deep- and Tech-House Version of The Black Pearl made by me.
3The Black Pearl (2010 VIP Mix)
The VIP Mix, released back in 2010.
4The Black Pearl (Dave Darell Remix)
The famous Electro-House Remix by Dave Darell in 2010.

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