The Black Pearl and the Pirate – not only for the Blockbuster a musical hymn, but also for the clubs worldwide with the mixes of Scotty.

VÖ 01.05.2020 @ Splashtunes

1He’s a Pirate (Original 2k20 Mix)
This is the original 2020 Remix.
2He's a Pirate (CJ Stone Mix)
My boy CJ Stone did a great work!
3He's a Pirate (Radio Edit) [2009 Version]
My first version of the track released in 2009.
4He's a Pirate (Alisson & Turner Remix)
Eurodance remix by Alisson & Turner on the first release in 2009.
5He's a Pirate (J.D. Ocean Mix)
Awesome Trance-House mix by my friend J.D. Ocean! Released 2009.
6He's a Pirate (Ray Knox vs. Melodyparc Single Cut)
The Hands-Up Remix by Ray Knox and Melodyparc, released 2009.

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